David is an Ordained Minister and has dedicated his life to helping and serving others. He and his wife Amy have 2 daughters, Macy and Aubrey. He currently serves as the Executive Pastor at Spring First Church in Spring, Texas where he began as a Student Pastor 21 years ago. He and his wife Amy launched Spring School of Ministry in 2019, where they have over 75 students training for ministry. David also started Worldwide Impact, a ministry dedicated to preaching and teaching bold faith and conducting Evangelism Crusades locally and across the world. Worldwide Impact also features his daily broadcast where he teaches bold Bible faith and addresses political issues from a Biblical perspective.

Serving and helping people is something that David has been part of his entire life.

David got his first taste of fighting for strong Christian conservative values as a small child participating in Right To Life events and attending State Republican Conventions as early as 1992.

After receiving his Bachelors Degree from Southwestern Assemblies of God University in 2000, David began his ministry while working a second job for United Airlines. He has been with United for 21 years as a part-time Ramp Service Employee.

David was born into a hardworking family that is rooted and grounded in faith in Jesus Christ and strong conservative values. His grandparents were pastors on one side and West Texas Cotton Farmers on the other. His mom and dad, Robert and Brenda Hogan still pastor in the community where they have served at Spring First Church for over 40 years.


David has served as an Election Judge and a Precinct Chair. David  has successfully led campaigns to fight local property tax increases, and most recently is leading a group of over 2500 airline employees to stand up against religious ad medical discrimination related to Vaccine Mandates. Their class action law suit filed in the northern district of Ft. Worth is currently being heard by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals as they seek to save employees from indefinite unpaid leave.

David is also committed to backing and funding law enforcement. He is the commissioned ATF Chaplain for the Houston Field Division where he has served since 2015.



Over the past two years David has become increasingly furious as local, state and the federal government have enacted draconian measures that are clearly unconstitutional.  Watching local county judges legislate by issuing lockdowns, and seeing governors across the country flounder back and forth while crushing small businesses and closing places of worship is what has motivated David to run for Congress.

He believes in the Constitution and its ability to protect our freedom rather than grant it.  Local and state governments have violated the rights of Americans and Congress has largely been silent and often compliant with these measures.